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Many shelties have successfully competed individually or in teams at Crufts. There are qualifiers for the Crufts Team Events for small and medium Agility teams. The winners of these qualifiers will then compete at Crufts. To be able to compete, the team must (consist of 4 dogs of the same height) and belong to the KC registered club. With the KIND permission of the E.S.S.C. we can offer our members the ability to make up teams to compete under the banner of the English Shetland Sheepdog Club. So if you are interested in being included in a team, but do not know other E.S.S.C. members let me know what shows you are going to and what size dog you have, and we will try to do some match-making.

PLEASE NOTE: We would like to enter as many teams as possible to run in the qualifying heats, but the first team to qualify in your size will be the ONLY ONE going to Crufts, although you will still be allowed to run at future heats.

If you are interested Email: info@esscworkingsection.co.uk or Telephone: 01784 258334.

We would like to say to everyone and their Shelties that have taken part in the team qualifiers over the years. You have always done us proud THANK YOU. And it is a great opportunity to show the Agility World just how great the Shelties are!


Paw Crufts Results

You can see the results from crufts for the last three years below and previous years can be found in the Archives page.

Puppy hearts Crufts Results 2018   Puppy hearts  Crufts Results 2017   Puppy hearts  Crufts Results 2016   Puppy hearts  Crufts Results 2015   Puppy hearts  Crufts Results 2014   Puppy hearts  Crufts Results 2013   Puppy hearts 

Sheltie Line

ESSC WORKING SECTION team wins agility final at Crufts 2016! (KC Press release)

Sheltie Line

Sheltie team wins Obreedience final at Crufts 2015!

Sheltie Line


Crufts 2011     Medium Team 2011     Crufts Team Montage 2011     Crufts Team 2011 Al Dogs


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